“I want to thank Leanne for connecting me to my loves ones in heaven. She gave me details she had no way of knowing. I have a sense of peace in my heart knowing my loves ones are around and watching over. Please continue to share your spiritial gifts witht he world”. - Sadie G.

“I have been to several of your group readings. Right from the moment you greeted me, I felt at ease. I always leave feeling renewed. The information and details provided from my loved ones has helped me in so many ways. You have a true gift and I look forward to attending more group reading and taking your classes”. - Deborah B.

“Thank you Leanne for connecting me to my loved ones in Heaven. It has given me peace of mind to know they are with me. I am always amazed at your accuracy and details. Each group event is an inspirational Journey. I am am blessed to have your support on my spiritual Journey”. - Linda L.

“Taking Leanne’s classes and attending some of her events have really helped me to understand what I want I was experiencing." I have learned so much and have applied what I’ve learned and the tools given to me to my life daily. With each class, I have gained so much insight and I can’t wait for Level III. Thank you so much for all that you’ve one in helping me on my journey” - April D.

“I had a private reading with Leanne. The messages from my family and connection to spirit and loved ones in heaven has convinced me without a shadow of a doubt that she is the “real deal”. I have also participated in both Leanne’s Level one and level two Intuition development classes. It was such a great experience! With Leanne’s help and guidance, I feel that the group as well as myself have had an opportunity to understand, develop and embrace our spiritual gifts. I also recommend Leanne’s Angel Cards. The messages that come through are uplifting and “spot on”. The cards are easy to use…I highly recommend that you give Leanne a chance!” - Manuel S.

“I attended a group reading. Leanne is spot on and the message is helping me start to heal. Thank you!”” - Kim S.

“I've had 2 separate readings by Leanne and both times, she has been spot on. I used to have a huge fear of death. After visiting Leanne for a reading the first time, I have no doubt in my mind or fear in my heart of what happens when we die. She helped me connect to so many of my lost loved ones and I recommend her for any kind of spiritual healing. You are a beautiful soul. Thank you for all you do!” Renee C.