"The best readers and psychics have the most pure hearts: Leanne exemplifies this.  Leanne has the most amazing heart, energy and love I have ever seen in a reader. Her heart is open and brings forward information from a place of high love and intent. There is no trace of ego in Leanne's readings, so she strives for the highest information available for her clients. I am honored to know Leanne as a colleague, friend and light worker; she has touched my life in so many ways."



“My readings with Leanne could not be more accurate. Connecting with my loved ones who have passed is an absolute blessing. I never would have thought that it was possible but the messages that come through are so personal and accurate. There have been moments during a reading where I couldn't quite connect the dots and after going home or even after a few days, I would have this "A-ha!" moment when it would make perfect sense. If you have the opportunity to connect with your loved ones through Leanne, I would highly recommend it.”




You are truly amazing!  Your accuracy was simply right on. My reading with you has definitely made a lot of things make more sense. Thank you !


“As someone who has been both a teacher and a guest on my radio program I have found Leanne filled with a passion that few possess. She has a true connection with Spirit and is able to pass on her visions and awareness in kind, loving manner that is filled with verification to the truth.”

Stan Kestrel


“What a wonderful friend with such a beautiful gift she shares with us -  Leanne brought me peace and closure to a lot of unanswered questions and shared my families joy / pride with/ in me for all my accomplishments. The amount of information she shared with me from my family who seem to be just as pushy in the after life as they were in this dimension all came through. 

When I had doubts of completing my nursing program she informed me that angels were there helping me too! cheering me on - that I was on the right path. And through that it was difficult time - I never lost faith - with her message from them. I love her enthusiasm and energy and strength and she gives it to you straight - she's the real deal.  What a blessing she is. you will truly bless to have her in your life to!”


Lisarae g Cosce 


Hello Leanne,

How amazing, I thank you so much for your email. I teared as I read your words - as I am doing at this moment. I will reread and try, away from work, to better understand some of what you have shared in this email. You are very generous with your time and the way you share your gift with others. You were right on with several things you mentioned with regards to the cats/kitties. My 20 year old and I had many memories in the kitchen from kitten to old age... I had another cat for 15 years from the time I was 13 years to 28 years old and she died of a brain tumor, long hair white and gray. Amazing... I will listen to your show and I will stay in touch.

I will get to know Archangel Raguel, he could certainly ease my stress with my family issues. I always want to fix things, be the calm, make it all better and my husband reminds me that I need to take care of myself, I will continue to work on this.

Thank you so very much!

Hugs from,

One who believes!!!


“Leanne has remarkable insight and has helped me understand a situation I could not know.”


Gale Bradley



“I went to Leanne Thomas for a reading back in April of 2011.  I was at a point in my life where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Not only did she bring much needed information forward to me that was able to heal such old wounds, but she literally transformed my life.  


Leanne is a brilliant psychic medium, her abilities to connect to the other side are an amazing gift to all.  I am so grateful for her!!”



Jill Lynch



“Leanne was an angel in my life. I was facing infertility and just about to enter the journey of IVF. I went to Leanne and had her do a clearing. (Leanne I am not sure what the name was can you enter the correct name). I had been going through so much stress that I just felt like I needed an energy healing. 2 weeks later I started the IVF process. A couple months later I was dying to tell Leanne that I was pregnant. She found me one day and before I could tell her I was pregnant she said, I know your pregnant. Sure enough I was. She also told me at that moment she sensed the strong presence of girls. Sure enough a couple of months later I found out I was pregnant with twin girls. Leanne is truly talented, totally genuine, and the most authentic person you could ever encounter.”



Leanne is like a breath of fresh air. Her insights,  guidance and clairvoyance are uplifting and sincere. I trust her,  and I truly believe that she can communicate with angels.



I have consulted Leanne many times on different issues relating to my personal and professional life. I met Leanne through her wonderful radio show at blogtalk where she offers advice and guidance to callers based on her ability to connect to Spirit and to see, hear and feel messages that are delivered to your with your best interest in mind.


This ability does not stop at that point but it extends further with the caring and loving way in which she delivers them.  Sometimes the message might not be what we expect or wanted to hear, but her wisdom relies in helping you understand that you are always loved and protected no matter what is in store. She will do this with patience, taking time to explain things in detail until you feel you understand what you need to do.


I have heard many of her shows on blogtalk and I am witness to the transformation I hear when she talks to people about their concerns. Sometimes people phone in and are very troubled but after speaking to Leanne they always leave feeling that they are cared for. Leanne's positivity shines through everything she does as her professionalism while delivering advice in very precise detail until you understand the issue at hand.


In my case Leanne has helped me understand many troubling situations I have faced. She has always taken the time to help me find the best course of action and on occasion she has chosen a Skype interview instead of a written message because she wanted me to fully understand what I needed to do always in a loving and caring way.


In essence, Leanne will help you grow into a more loving person just because of the sheer fact that what she does comes from the heart, and it shows. I trust her intrinsically and would consult her anytime with any of my problems. She has become very close to my heart despite the fact that we have never met. I guarantee you will feel the same once you speak to her. 


All the best






"When Leanne did my first reading, it was at a time of transition in my life.  She could sense things about me and my future that gave me hope.  My angels appeared to Leanne, and they, too, said things which lead me to believe in my own strength.  Gratefully, I worked through that difficult time.  Leanne not only has a gift; but to me, she truly IS a gift."   - Jeanie Ambrose


Leanne is incredibly gifted and a remarkable medium.  Besides being incredibly accurate, her messages have always been encouraging and supportive which is very important to me.  I trust her to always tell me the truth and know she will always have my best interest in mind.  She’s simply amazing!

-Lindsay Winslow

Leanne is an amazing person and medium. She is incredibly positive and wise about life and spirituality and is a good friend in addition to that. I have been in formal and informal situations with her where she has been dead on with her readings with other people. She has brought up and mentioned things about people's lives that they did not even know until the contacted family members and got confirmation. She came to my home and did a private party and several people have referred her since then because they too were so amazed by her talent. I highly believe in and recommend Leanne for anyone looking for life guidance and to connect to their angelic realm. She is the real deal.





I received a reading from Leanne on March 14th. I found her to be very warm and accurate. I never felt rushed due to time, and she answered my questions as well as gave me information that helped me see clearer. She also amazed me with information she couldn't have possibly known. I highly recommend calling Leanne if you have the courage to hear truth.  – Eileen


"Leanne's gift has consistently helped answer or bring light to unsolved questions and unresolved thoughts.  She is patient, tireless, passionate, humane. . . . and, while the uncanny authenticity of her sight has made me teary, it has also made me smile in amazement." – Vilja