A Group Reading is an excellent way to gather friends and family together for a spiritual experience.

Leanne passes messages from Heaven to each person in the group.


An Angel Party is an uplifting and enlightening experience for everyone!

You will receive personal messages from the Angels.

You will also learn how to receive messages using Angel Cards personally created by Leanne.

Please contact us to determine availability.

NOTE: Leanne is typically booked out several weeks. Please vave a few dates in mind when you reach out to book for your group or party.


A Group Reading is available for up to 8 people. The Group Reading lasts for 2 hours.

You may have more than 8 people, but Leanne does not guarantee a message for everyone.

For groups larger than 8 people, there is an additional $25 charge for each person over the 8 person limit.

An Angel Party is available for up to 8 people. The Angel Party lasts for 2 hours.

Each person receives a personal message from their angels. Leanne also teaches everyone how to personally use Angel Cards.


Group Reading: $600

Angel Party: $600

$3 per mile travel fee if Leanne comes to you (one way).