Information and Pricing

I begin my Mediumship and Angel Readings by going into meditation and prayer. I set the intention to only bring forward the most high and loving energies that wish to connect with the truth for you. I ask for your angels, loved ones, and guides to come forward with messages of love, inspiration, and healing. I do not edit my messages; I give what I receive. Amazing information begins to flow when I work with Spirit to bring love and clarity forward for you. The universe desires for all of us to reach our highest potential and will reach out to connect with us as we desire to move forward on our paths. As I connect, I can bring forward information about your past, future and bring clarity to current events. Crossed over loved ones often make an appearance and bring you messages from the Other Side. Each reading provides insights from the Other Side to illuminate your path.

I give readings via Skype, phone and in person.  There is no difference between a reading via phone or in person. The energy is the same and the messages will be the same.

Spirit Communication: This reading is for anyone who has lost a loved one and is wanting to connect to those that have transitioned to the Afterlife. This is not a psychic reading about your future.

Angel Card Reading: This reading is for guidance about your life, love life, relationships, career, finances, family, and purpose.

Combo-Readings: This reading is a combination of Spirit Communication and Angel guidance. These readings are 90 minutes long and the cost is $350 USD.  This is for one person only.  Please contact my team if you would like a Combo-Reading.

My address is not online.

Address information comes as a Google maps link with your booking confirmation email.

Please read through the entire confirmation email.

50 minute reading $225(one person) Spirit Communication or Angel Reading.  I hour reading $250 for 2 to 3 people for a Spirit Communication session . With four or more people you need to contact my team for a group reading.

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I would suggest you have a pen or pencil and some paper handy when getting a Reading. You may want to write down some of the messages and information that comes through for you so that you can refer back to it later. Bringing a recording device is also suggested. If you are having a phone reading please be prepared about 5 minutes before the call. Being 10 or more minutes late for your appointment is considered a missed appointment and you will have to re-book. Due to the nature of this work it is important you be on time and ready to go for your appointment.